Miami-Dade County Expeditions

Historic South Beach Scavenger Hunt

Put your teamwork and collective creativity to the test while exploring historic sites, gathering “rare artifacts,” and discovering the best that the Art Deco District has to offer with our Historic South Beach Scavenger Hunt. This hunt is just the thing to bring your group together in a fun and thrilling way. Our Emcee outlines the rules and distributes all the materials needed.

Teams must work together to find specific places and objects within the designated search area. Teams will also be challenged with riddles, asked to perform physical feats, and more! Points are awarded for each object found and extra credit points are awarded for creativity in some of the challenges. The team to return to the designated finish area on time with the most points will win. This event will leave your guests laughing and reminiscing for years to come.


• All fees and taxes.
• Scavenger hunt covers a variety of well-known South Beach landmarks as well as more hidden secrets that are indicative of South Beach’s unique culture and history.
• Consolation prize for each participant (mini Mojito recipe with ingredients).
• Colored article of identification for each participant to distinguish teams.
• All pre-production, scripting, coordination and rehearsal.
• Emcee/1 staff member per team (prices quoted below apply to 10 guests per team; please inquire for pricing on smaller/larger group sizes).
• Riddles and challenges.
• Hunt supplies for each team (pens, note pads, and clipboards).
• Rules and instructions.
• Our staff are certified and trained.
• Our staff are certified and trained.


• Major prize(s) for winning team (e.g. spa treatment).
• Special amenities (e.g. drinks, additional gifts, souvenirs, etc).


• Groups will perform the hunt on foot in the South Beach area.
• No transportation is necessary if the group is staying in a hotel south of 20th Street on Miami Beach.

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    • Minimum:
    • 15px
    • Maximum:
    • Simultaneously: 25px; For larger groups, please inquire.
    • Approx._duration:
    • 2.5-3.5 hours, depending on group size (not including transfer from and to hotel).
    • Time_of_day:
    • Morning or afternoon
    • Meals_included:
    • None (meals can be added for an additional cost).
    • Transportation:
    • To be provided by client or by Dragonfly Expeditions at additional cost.
    • Special notations: