Broward County Expeditions

Nautical Wanderings through Broward County

Come with us on a local journey celebrating a small corner of Florida’s nautical history. Before the advent of planes, cars and even trains, Florida’s long peninsular shape and subtropical climate made travel by land difficult. Great sailing ships, from ancient Spanish Galleons to elegant schooners of the early twentieth century were the transport of choice when visiting Florida’s inviting shorelines and plying her sometimes storm-ridden coasts.

Explore nautical treasures from far and wide at our first stop, Nautical Furnishings, the “world’s largest assortment of unusual and authentic nautical items.” This purveyor of all things nautical to restaurants, theme parks and the movie industry envelops you in an intimate atmosphere of wood, brass and artifacts from the golden age of seafaring.

Next, voyage with us to the 1920’s hideaway of smugglers, gangsters and coastal fishermen: Cap’s Place. Accessible only by boat, we take a small jaunt across the Intracoastal Waterway to this local eating and drinking icon where we enjoy a great feast of old Florida cuisine.

After dinner, roll up your pants, kick off your shoes and prepare to make tracks along a beautiful stretch of Florida’s surf-kissed beach to a jetty point overlooking the historic Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. This ancient sentinel (over 100 years old) and sailor’s salvation marks our journey’s end, a fitting way to close this sea-inspired outing.

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