Thoughts on Developing a Tour – Wandering Through Wynwood: An Artistic Revival

P1010450When Wynwood started to rise as an emerging neighborhood several years ago – well before its current headline-grabbing hipness – we developed a tour that explored some of the area’s remarkable studios and galleries. But the ongoing transformation of this formerly downtrodden collection of industrial warehouses has warranted a new approach of how we like to show and interpret this district. We therefore decided to launch our new tour “Walking Through Wynwood – An Artistic Revival.”

P1010500Over the past few years, many artists started to expand their works out of their low-rent studios onto the outside walls and buildings. This trend led to large-scale, attention-grabbing and sometimes provocative images that straddle the line between fine art and graffiti. Some of these outdoor pieces were created spontaneously, while others have a more commercial background. And together with the addition of new restaurants and businesses they are transforming the district into a real destination beyond monthly or annual events like Art Basel.  Some people claim that Wynwood is rapidly moving away from its raw and true artistic roots, but we like to let tour participants reach their own conclusion.

“Walking Through Wynwood – An Artistic Revival” has three distinct elements, each reflecting the past, present, and future. We first stroll along streets alive with stunning visual mosaics in every style and hue, all the while uncovering Wynwood’s dynamic story. As the next step we go back to the area’s roots and visit one of the larger galleries. Then, to pay tribute to Wynwood’s transition to a neighborhood that is more than just a center for art appreciation, we go behind the scenes of one of the unique local businesses that have sprung up. There we have the chance to taste samples of an award-winning, hand-crafted local rum and learn about the intricacies of its production.

As Wynwood continues to evolve, we are proud to share with our visitors what makes Wynwood such a vibrant destination and are sure that all will appreciate the important place it holds in the cultural and economic fabric of South Florida.


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