The Nature Conservancy’s Everglades Sweepstakes

On the right-hand side of our monthly newsletter is a list of organizations we are proud to call partners. These companies and organizations are either Dragonfly Expeditions’ sister companies or local not-for-profit organizations that we support financially, with our time, and in other ways. One of these is The Nature Conservancy (TNC), an incredibly successful environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting endangered landscapes around the globe. We donated one of our most popular activities – the Everglades Backwater Tour – to The Nature Conservancy of Florida as the prize in their 2013 sweepstakes.

Dragonfly Expeditions supports TNC’s efforts in many different ways; for example, we visit and financially contribute to the Blowing Rocks Preserve during our tour Three Little Towns by the Sea. We employ this visit to educate our tour participants about TNC’s restoration efforts and the importance of preserving South Florida’s native flora and fauna. The Blowing Rocks Preserve is just one tiny piece of the immense amount of land TNC has brought back to its original appearance. Over the past fifty years, within the immense Everglades ecosystem alone, TNC has helped to protect more than 360,000 acres.

Another way Dragonfly Expeditions lends a hand to TNC is by taking potential donors on wet-hikes. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences teach individuals from around the world about South Florida’s unique ecosystems and hopefully persuade them to donate to and support TNC.

To celebrate TNC’s dedication to the Everglades and to show appreciation to their supporters, TNC offered a sweepstakes in which they awarded an amazing day in the Everglades including transportation, guided wet-hike, and lunch provided by Dragonfly Expeditions to one lucky winner and three friends. The goal of the sweepstakes was not only to bring attention to the fact that the Everglades is a top priority for TNC but also to educate the winners about this threatened wild area that most people never have the opportunity to see. Even better, the wet-hike takes guests off dry land and into the water – a way that fewer than 0.1% of all visitors to the Everglades will experience it.


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