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Sailing to Andros

This past March, just on the front side of the insanely-busy portion of our corporate tour season, I was presented with an opportunity to help out a friend and her adorable family and to disconnect from the stress of phone calls, texts, and emails. She was looking for someone to help them sail their CSY 44′ sailboat from Islamorada in the Florida Keys to Fresh Creek on Andros Island in the Bahamas. The biggest challenge facing us was not only to cross the Gulf Stream – but to do it with two children under two years old on board!  My official title was “First Mate/Nanny.” The family was familiar with the environment because they live on the boat, but it would be the first time crossing the Gulf Stream for the kids and for me. Especially during the winter months, strong northern winds can make it difficult to cross the south-to-north-flowing Gulf Stream. Continue reading


Still-Speaking Shipwrecks

The year is 1966 and it’s about 4:00am on New Year’s morning. A magnificent schooner cuts through the waves off the coast of Florida, the moonlight reflecting off her polished teak deck and illuminating the name Mandalay painted in script on her side. Twenty-some passengers are on their way back from a luxurious cruise to the Bahamas – but everything was not shipshape on this ship. The sleeping passengers wouldn’t have guessed that someone’s miscalculation from the night before had put them more than 15 miles off course and on New Year’s Day 1966, the cruisers were rudely awakened as a violent shudder ran through the ship’s timbers. As the Mandalay ground to a halt and began to tilt precariously, pajama-clad passengers rushed out of their cabins to see what was happening. Continue reading


Introducing Windjammer Sailing Adventures – our Sister Company

Captain Mike Burke established Windjammer Barefoot Cruises over 60 years ago. For landlubbers everywhere, he offered a world of rekindled childhood, the spirit of carefree pirates, and the experience of sailing on a tall ship. The world of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises consisted of rescued schooners, salt spray, turquoise Caribbean seas, pristine anchorages, far-flung ports, and of course bare feet. But dreams are fragile things, and in September 2007, this Captain’s dream was on its way to Davy Jones’ locker. Windjammer Barefoot Cruises went bankrupt, its remaining assets were auctioned off, and all who were a part of that world mourned. But the unique world of Windjammer never really died. Continue reading