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The Travel Channel Features Dragonfly Expeditions

The Travel Channel recently aired a special about the Everglades called “Park Secrets” in which they featured our popular Miccosukee Indian Heritage Airboat Tour. Appearing in the short clip is John Tigertail, a long time friend and partner of Dragonfly Expeditions. His family of the Miccosukee’s Panther Clan takes our guests via airboat to a hunting camp and a family camp. Participants explore the two tree islands, learn about the Miccosukee way of life, and have a chance to see and interact with the various animals (like alligators and turtles) kept on the islands for release. Charles Kropke, also speaking in this segment, brings up the little-known fact that the Everglades is not actually a swamp, but an immense, slow-flowing river. Click the image above to watch the Travel Channel clip!


Meet the Team – Guide Justin

Justin Law is a true Florida Cracker, having lived in Central and South Florida all his life. Certainly this has made him in touch with a state in which most of its inhabitants have moved in from other places. Justin is anything but tired of the Sunshine State. Although he admits that he probably takes some things for granted due to his lifelong residence in Florida, he says that his favorite thing about living here “isn’t the cities, but the natural beauty that Florida has to offer.” He says that he “likes to explore the Everglades, canoe in local lakes or in Biscayne Bay, and fish offshore in a motorboat.” Continue reading


The Perfect Blend of Teambuilding and Sustainable Tourism

Following is an excerpt of an article from Meeting NewsFlorida Green Guide: Recreation and Teambuilding.  Author Heidi Waldrop Bay describes how corporate responsibility, team building and sustainable tourism can come together in Florida’s natural areas.  She illustrates through the testimonial of a meeting planner how even for a well-traveled audience, a familiar destination can offer something different.

“Eco Tourism: Everybody’s Doing It
Florida-bound groups are jumping at the opportunity to get back to nature

(…) Protecting Florida’s natural bounty is not just the responsibility of the tour operator.  Planners can do simple things that make a big difference in the experience for the group and also help the environment.  “We encourage people to turn off their cell phones, because sounds like that amplify and it is hard for people to enjoy the wilderness,” said Charles Kropke, owner of Dragonfly Expeditions, in Coral Gables, FL.  Also, planners should designate a group leader to carry a simple trash bag and pick up things the participants don’t.  “You don’t have to make a big deal of it,” emphasized Kropke, “but it demonstrates to everyone how seamless caring for the environment can be.” (…)

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