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Meet the Team – Intern Stilian

Stilian snow

Hello everyone! My name is Stilian, and I am the new Business Management intern at Dragonfly Expeditions. It has always been my dream to get out of Europe. Unfortunately, I never had the possibility to do so. But finally I made it.

– My destination: America
– More precisely: Miami, Florida

It all started in Kiev, Ukraine in 2012 when some friends and I opened a hostel for backpackers. As always it was a total coincidence that I met this guy from US there. His name was Brian and he enjoyed the time in Kiev and our hostel so much, that he invited me to visit Miami one day, to thank me for the good time.

Maybe it was just a joke he made, but I took him for serious and started to look for an internship in Miami, because I would have to do one anyways, no matter where. I thought Miami would be unbelievable and probably the best and at the same time the craziest thing I would ever do. Continue reading


Meet the Team – Intern Mareike

MareikeMy name is Mareike. I am the new intern at Dragonfly Expeditions and will be in Miami until February 2014. I grew up in Aachen, which is the westernmost city of Germany, located at the point where the country borders on Belgium and the Netherlands. The city has a long history and is known as the place where the German kings were crowned. There you also find one of the top universities in Germany, the RWTH Aachen University, where I am currently studying business administration. Before I started with my studies, I completed an apprenticeship in International Office Management, which combined the learning of business basics with extensive language training in English, French and Spanish. Continue reading


Meet the Team – Intern Rodrigo

Hello everyone! I am proud to present myself as the new intern with Dragonfly Expeditions. My name is Rodrigo Carmona Lopez and I will work at Dragonfly Expeditions until the middle of August. Just like the conquerors of Florida, I am Spanish and live officially in Madrid. When I was a child, my two sisters would make fun of me by saying that I didn’t belong to the family because I was German and the rest of my family was Spanish … That was because I was born in Germany while my father was working in Düsseldorf as an economic & trade attaché. I spent the first four years of my life in Germany and then my family moved to Madrid. In Spain, my sisters and I studied at a German school to continue learning the language. Continue reading


Meet the Team: Intern Pauline

Pauline Le GoasIn keeping with Dragonfly Expeditions’ growing connection to the French market, we would like to welcome our new French intern Pauline Le Goas who will be a part of our team until June 2011! Pauline grew up in Paris; then moved to the Dordogne region in Southwestern France with her family, where her parents own a resort campground. Her studies took Pauline to the university in Bordeaux as well as to Antwerp, Belgium for six months.  In June of 2011 she will be finishing her degree in business specializing in marketing.  For the past couple of years she has helped run her parents’ business and has completed an internship in Singapore. Her professional goal is to participate in the family business and ultimately run it herself.

Pauline is eager to learn more about sustainable tourism in the United States and how the knowledge she has gained Continue reading