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German Daily Newspaper Features Dragonfly Expeditions’ Everglades Backwater Tour

German journalist Johanna Rüdiger joined a group on our popular Everglades Backwater Tour in the fall of 2012. Expert guide Bob Nesmith led an adventurous troop through waist deep water, immersing everyone in the plant and animal species as they snapped photos and tried to keep their cameras dry. In the article below, Johanna recommends that – out of all the things to do in and around Miami – visitors should make sure to visit the Everglades. Her article reflects how she was captivated by the natural beauty and wild virginity of this one-of-a-kind ecosystem and her gratitude that Dragonfly Expeditions was able to introduce her to the Big Cypress swamp. Johanna considers her experience a real adventure full of discovery; much better than a simple airboat ride during which she would have only seen the most commonly-visited areas of the Everglades.

The article was published in Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, the local daily newspaper of the city of Cologne, Germany in January. If you understand German, click on the image below and zoom in to read!


Cookie & Peaches

As the Dragonfly Expeditions team sits around the table during our weekly meeting on Monday mornings, it’s not uncommon for us to feel something small brush past our ankles. It’s not a mouse. It’s the tail of a Chihuahua; or to be more specific – two Chihuahuas. We are proud to introduce the most recent additions to the Dragonfly Expeditions family: Cookie and Peaches. Our two newest friends wasted no time in making themselves at home in the Biltmore Hotel. When Stephanie, intern for our sister company Windjammer Sailing Adventures (located in the office next door), moved to Miami from Germany, she didn’t come alone. She arrived in the US with two little and loveable dogs in tow. It took some getting used to, but now we can’t imagine the workday without Cookie and Peaches frolicking between our two offices. Read more to find out which dog is a mother of five and which dog weighs less than six pounds! Continue reading


German Magazine Features Dragonfly Expeditions

Dragonfly Expeditions was recently featured by German magazine Freundin in their quarterly publication, Wellfit.

Freundin-Welfit Feb 2010 Dragonfly Expeditions

As part of his research for the article, Freundin journalist Jens Fritzenwalder contacted Dragonfly Expeditions for insight on activities available to travelers visiting the Miami area.  We accommodated Jens’ request by providing a first hand experience of two of Dragonfly Expeditions’ uncommon adventures.

On January 14, 2010, Jens set out Continue reading