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Thoughts on Developing a Tour: Five Centuries in the Making – A Walking Tour of Downtown Miami

If you could step back in time and visit Miami 100; 50; or even 20 years ago, you would find a very different place than you would today. Perhaps because Miami is a place constantly in flux, its past is often forgotten or simply masked by the city’s loud and flashy reputation.  Downtown Miami is a great symbol of that ongoing transformation.  One of our most popular tours – the Miami Magic City Bus and Walking Tour – introduces guests to Miami’s various neighborhoods, including a brief stop in downtown.  The past several years have seen the development of four tours that explore each Miami neighborhood in depth: Coral Gables – The City Beautiful, A Path through Old Cocoanut Grove, Cuban Heritage Tour, and Tropical Deco in a Fabled Playground. But something was missing – we didn’t have a tour for that fifth Miami neighborhood: downtown. For a long time, we had dreamt of creating a product that focused on the downtown area and would educate Miami’s visitors on how the history of downtown Miami and its dynamic present are linked. Last year, our intern Janine helped make that dream a reality and we can now share with visitors what the tens of thousands of the new downtown high-rise condo residents have already discovered.
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