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Brazilian Magazine Features the Everglades

Brazilian journalist Christine Engelberg joined us on our famous Everglades Backwater Tour in the fall of 2012. The article she wrote about her experience was published in the March issue of TOP Magazine; click on the photo below and zoom in to read “Miami through Clyde Butcher’s Lenses.” For all non-Portuguese speakers, here is a little summary: As she asks in her article, “How about getting to know Miami from a different perspective than do most of the tourists who visit the city?” Engelberg agrees with Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic when they recommend the Everglades Backwater Tour as one of the most interesting eco tours available. She considers it an excellent option if you want to learn about the biodiversity of this wild ecosystem. The cypress trees and wild birds made Engelberg feel in touch with nature while trekking through the swamp. Impressed by the beauty of Clyde Butcher’s photography, which she viewed in the Big Cypress Gallery as part of the tour, she chose one of his images to illustrate the article.


The Nature Conservancy’s Everglades Sweepstakes

On the right-hand side of our monthly newsletter is a list of organizations we are proud to call partners. These companies and organizations are either Dragonfly Expeditions’ sister companies or local not-for-profit organizations that we support financially, with our time, and in other ways. One of these is The Nature Conservancy (TNC), an incredibly successful environmental organization that is dedicated to protecting endangered landscapes around the globe. We donated one of our most popular activities – the Everglades Backwater Tour – to The Nature Conservancy of Florida as the prize in their 2013 sweepstakes. Continue reading


Freelance Journalist Maeve Hosea Shares her Perspective on Miami and the ‘Glades

The dry winter season is the best time to experience the Florida Everglades, so we thought it would be fitting to share a first-hand account of this one-of-a-kind ecosystem.

Maeve Hosea (click here to visit her on Twitter) is one of many to whom Dragonfly Expeditions has had the pleasure of introducing South Florida’s wild side. This freelance journalist from London had the opportunity to wade through the swamp with us on our Everglades Backwater Tour. Hosea’s article appeared in Sainsbury’s Magazine and touches on all of Dragonfly Expeditions’ passions; it provides a refreshing break from the publications typically expelled by the Magic City (you know what I mean – the ones that focus on glamorous celebrities and the rumors that follow them). Hosea shares her swamp walk experience by writing about culture and ecology. In addition, her article goes into detail about several projects Miami has undertaken to promote a more sustainable lifestyle for the city’s visitors and inhabitants. Read below to learn why she calls Miami a “collision of the natural and manmade world” and what made her appreciate the effort required to transform a huge swamp into a tourist’s paradise.

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Dragonfly Expeditions featured in AroundTown Magazine

The AroundTown Magazine is a monthly issued calendar-magazine dedicated to South Florida’s rich cultural tapestry.  Since early 2011 Charles J. Kropke has been writing a column named “Charles’ Corner” for AroundTown where he talks about cultural events and institutions in South Florida.

For the June/July issue he was given the opportunity to introduce Dragonfly Expeditions and one of our tours: the Everglades Backwater Tour:

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Revista Balance Features Dragonfly Expeditions’ Everglades Backwater Tour

Dragonfly Expeditions was featured in the  Puerto Rican publication – Revista Balance :

Organiza un fin de semana súper prendido y realiza actividades que quizá nunca hayas hecho. Miami tiene novedades fit y ecológicas que te pueden sorprender. ¿Que tal caminar sobre pantanos en compañía de crocodilos? ¿O recorrer Lincoln Road en bici? Te organizamos una propuesta para que te diviertas al máximo.



El nuevo puente en South Beach te invita a pasar todo un día en el disfrute del calor húmedo y sus playas. Puedes caminar, correr o patinar sobre el Cualquiera de las opciones será mejor hacerlas temprano, para evitar el castigo del sol. Si lo tuyo es el yoga, no olvides tu mat para colocarlo debajo de una de las palmeras en los sugerentes jardines. Haz tu práctica de una hora y media y reúnete con tus acompañantes en la entrada de la playa. Ahora si, la tender las toallas y a relajarte.

Puedes terminar el día en un spa con un masaje o un facial. Te recomendamos Palms Spa by Aveda, inspirado en la medicina tradicional india –el ayurveda-, o el Exhale Spa, que ofrece el equilibro perfecto para mente y cuerpo.

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Orbitz Blog Features Dragonfly Expeditions’ Everglades Backwater Tour

Orbitz logoDragonfly Expeditions is proud to announce that Jacinthe Roy’s article about our Everglades Backwater Tour has been featured on the Orbitz Blog:

“Confession time: I lived in South Florida for more than 15 years before I ever visited the Florida Everglades. Shame on me — especially since no other excursion has been as wild or ecologically dazzling.

To those of you considering a Florida vacation, consider this: 99.9 percent of the people visiting the rugged, subtropical landscape will never leave the road or boardwalks, let alone get in the water. But the little adventurer in me overcame these fears recently…”

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Everglades Backwater Tour Featured in Canada’s Dreamscapes Magazine

Earlier this year, Dragonfly Expeditions hosted a group of travel writers as part of an effort to showcase some of Miami’s ecological attractions.  We had the pleasure of immersing the group in Everglades history, culture and ecology during our famous Everglades Backwater Tour.

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Over 100 Travel Writers and Professionals Hosted on FAM Tours between May and July

Air France

Between May and July of 2010, Dragonfly Expeditions hosted a total of seven familiarization trips in and around Miami.  Three of them were held in conjunction with airlines that have added flights to Miami International Airport: May 22nd (Aireuropa with fifteen guests), June 4th (Air France with seven guests) and June 19th (Corsairfly with forty-five guests).  We are confident that the unique journeys we provided are increasing interest in the destination South Florida Continue reading


Beyond the Beach Olympics: Teambuilding Redefined

Among the many changes in the corporate meetings market, one of the most significant has been the greater emphasis of both planners and clients on the ROI of dollars spent on meetings. Despite the fact that many meetings are being held in outdoors-oriented South Florida, the still lingering “AIG effect” in many cases “locks” groups into conference rooms with back-to-back sessions, barely allowing participants a glimpse of the outside world during business hours.

Historic South Beach Scavenger HuntThe notable exceptions seem to be activities that can be classified as teambuilding, to eliminate any appearance of corporate get-togethers as junkets.  Dragonfly Expeditions is reacting to the increased demand for these kinds of activities.  The most commonly sold option this season has been our successful Historic South Beach Scavenger Hunt.  This hunt can be done for groups Continue reading


Trend Toward Closer French – Dragonfly Expeditions Relations Observed

Miami, FL

As a sign of continuing improvements in relations between France and Dragonfly Expeditions, three “diplomatic missions” have occurred in the past week.  The first was The Story of South Beach on Bicycle with the North American sectional chief of the popular French travel guide, Guide du Routard. This was followed by an Everglades Backwater Tour arranged for the International Marketing Manager for France’s second largest airline.  Finally, a producer for French TV channel, France 5 was hosted by The Setai Hotel and Dragonfly Expeditions.  Expectations for the sharing of fine wines, cheeses and breads are looking up for 2010.

This field report was filed by FLYING INSECT PRESS by correspondent Charles J. Kropke.