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Happy 500th Birthday to Florida!

On this day – April 2nd – 500 years ago, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon for the first time laid eyes on Florida’s east coast. Despite the fact that native tribes had been living here for thousands of years, Ponce de Leon is credited with the “discovery” of the Sunshine State. According to various accounts, he landed just north of present-day St. Augustine and, amazed with the countless species of exotic vegetation he had never before seen, he decided to name the place “La Florida” which means “Land of Flowers.” Continue reading


Charles J. Kropke wins Historic Preservation Award

Dragonfly Expeditions is proud to announce that Managing Partner Charles J. Kropke has received the 2012 Historic Preservation Award presented by the Dade Heritage Trust during their annual meeting in the restored Pan American Seaplane Base (today Miami City Hall) on April 27th, 2012.  Charles was honored in the category of outstanding individual for the many aspects of his professional and personal life on behalf of endangered historic treasures and the general awareness of preservation.  Among the efforts mentioned were the work of Dragonfly Expeditions which educates travelers from all over the world about Miami’s architecture and neighborhoods through the art of storytelling. In addition, Charles’ book “South Beach – Stories of a Renaissance” highlights inspiring individuals whose push for historic preservation had a tremendous positive economic impact on the tourism industry of Miami Beach in particular and South Florida in general.