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Brazilian Magazine Features the Everglades

Brazilian journalist Christine Engelberg joined us on our famous Everglades Backwater Tour in the fall of 2012. The article she wrote about her experience was published in the March issue of TOP Magazine; click on the photo below and zoom in to read “Miami through Clyde Butcher’s Lenses.” For all non-Portuguese speakers, here is a little summary: As she asks in her article, “How about getting to know Miami from a different perspective than do most of the tourists who visit the city?” Engelberg agrees with Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic when they recommend the Everglades Backwater Tour as one of the most interesting eco tours available. She considers it an excellent option if you want to learn about the biodiversity of this wild ecosystem. The cypress trees and wild birds made Engelberg feel in touch with nature while trekking through the swamp. Impressed by the beauty of Clyde Butcher’s photography, which she viewed in the Big Cypress Gallery as part of the tour, she chose one of his images to illustrate the article.


Dragonfly Expeditions and NomadsLand Produce Mini-documentary for ATTA World Summit

ATTA-LogoThe Labor Day weekend of 2010 brought an exciting opportunity to Dragonfly Expeditions: Our company was selected by  NomadsLand among several contestants to have a professionally produced video shot and edited to be presented at the ATTA World Summit in Scotland in October of 2010.  Davin Hutchins from  traveled to South Florida to capture the sights and sounds that exemplify Dragonfly Expeditions’ journeys and philosophy.  Nomadsland has a unique approach to filmmaking which became very apparent to us when we saw several examples of their work. Their goal is to curate, create and distribute visual media that raises awareness and support of businesses, foundations and NGOs seeking to reshape our planet for a better future by telling inspirational stories of the greening of business, responsible tourism, sustainable global development and the advent of social capitalism.  The goal of the 3-day shoot with Dragonfly Expeditions was not to come up with a mere “clip”, but rather an actual short film or “micro-documentary” NomadsLandwhich would explore in-depth what the values are that make Dragonfly Expeditions stand out and that drive the relationships our company entertains with its clients, staff, vendors and friends.

On the first day, Charles and Uwe picked up Davin and immersed him deep into the Everglades, first through an interview with Clyde Butcher and then by taking Davin on a wet hike deep in the Fakahatchee. We were joined by Continue reading