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Sailing to Andros

This past March, just on the front side of the insanely-busy portion of our corporate tour season, I was presented with an opportunity to help out a friend and her adorable family and to disconnect from the stress of phone calls, texts, and emails. She was looking for someone to help them sail their CSY 44′ sailboat from Islamorada in the Florida Keys to Fresh Creek on Andros Island in the Bahamas. The biggest challenge facing us was not only to cross the Gulf Stream – but to do it with two children under two years old on board!  My official title was “First Mate/Nanny.” The family was familiar with the environment because they live on the boat, but it would be the first time crossing the Gulf Stream for the kids and for me. Especially during the winter months, strong northern winds can make it difficult to cross the south-to-north-flowing Gulf Stream. Continue reading


A Memorable Trip to Nassau/Bahamas

Philipp, you have the opportunity to go to the Bahamas at the end of March.” – This was one of the first statements I heard when I arrived in Miami to start the internship with Dragonfly Expeditions on March 1st 2011.  Of course I wanted to seize this opportunity and so the flights and the hotel rooms were booked right after that.

“Wow, the Bahamas…”  With this thought in my mind I started working on a script for one of the two programs that Island Episodes, Dragonfly Expeditions’ sister company for the Bahamas was organizing on New Providence Island.  I researched a bulk of information on exciting stories and anecdotes that were related to historical places in Nassau.  I read some really interesting tales and the best thing was that I was actually going to see these places with my own eyes.

On March 24th 2011, Charles, Javier and I departed to Nassau with a flight delay of ninety minutes, but we made it on time to the meeting with one of our guides, Tonia Mullings and the staff of Clifton Heritage National Park for a final briefing before the program started. Continue reading