South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance – The Second Edition

Photo by Michelle Yan

Michelle, one of our guides-in-training, was cycling through South Beach one day and saw a peculiar sight: a skateboarder carrying a copy of a very familiar book. After chasing him down and becoming a traffic hazard in the process, she found out that the young man had just purchased South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance and was going to send it to his girlfriend in Korea as a gift.

As I’m sure most of you are aware, our resident author Charles J. Kropke co-published the first edition of this book with Eleanor Goldstein in February 2011. The book has been a great success and continues to sell strongly; I have seen its bright blue cover through the window in locations such as the Villa Vizcaya Gift Shop and Books & Books stores. We are very proud to announce that the first edition of this book is completely sold out and that the second edition is currently being printed!

Among other changes, the second edition features a full-color, two-page photograph of the New World Symphony. Updates also include the retirement of two organization heads mentioned in the book’s first edition: Marcia Zarivitz of the Jewish Museum of Florida and Edward Villella of the Miami City Ballet.

The new edition will be available in April. The book makes a great gift for Florida visitors; you can visit the Green Heron Gifts website for volume pre-orders of the book.  For individual copies, you can visit Books & Books as well as several gift shops.

Look for a blog post in upcoming months about the video companion to South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance featuring author Charles as the host! And if you want to see and learn more about many of the places described in the book, join us on our tour Tropical Deco in a Fabled Playground.

In continuation of their great success, Charles and co-publisher Eleanor Goldstein are now hard at work on their next book, The Everglades: Stories of a Legendary Wilderness.



One thought on “South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance – The Second Edition

  1. Yeraldine

    Congratulations are in order: To the authors for giving a voice to these important but often lost stories about the re-making of South Beach. A second edition on the works is the best testament of that. And Kudos to Michelle for chasing a skater (!) to show us the wonderful serendipity of that moment.

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