New DVD Captures the Story of South Beach

South Beach DVDWe are proud to announce that following a successful sell-out of the first edition and the publication of the second edition of his landmark book “South Beach – Stories of a Renaissance”, Charles J. Kropke is now releasing a companion DVD with the same name.  It is tracing South Beach from its earliest pioneer days to today’s high-energy global resort, bringing the remarkable comeback story of this historic district to life.  With historical photos as well as on-location scenes, the DVD “South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance” is being published by Tropic Moon Media and provides a unique look at one of the world’s most popular travel destination.

This 36-minute video recalls the booms, busts and personalities responsible for turning an isolated, mosquito-infested island into a glamorous beachfront resort in less than a century.  The DVD is narrated by Charles, who collaborated with Eleanor Goldstein both on the production of the book as well as the video.

Since the book has been a best seller in the travel and historical categories for the past two years, Charles likewise expects a favorable reception of the DVD from the general public as well as from meeting planners and corporate groups as a gift for incentive trips, conventions and other events.  The DVD retails for $19.95 and bulk orders can be purchased through Green Heron Gifts.  Individual copies are available in local shops.


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