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Stilian snow

Hello everyone! My name is Stilian, and I am the new Business Management intern at Dragonfly Expeditions. It has always been my dream to get out of Europe. Unfortunately, I never had the possibility to do so. But finally I made it.

– My destination: America
– More precisely: Miami, Florida

It all started in Kiev, Ukraine in 2012 when some friends and I opened a hostel for backpackers. As always it was a total coincidence that I met this guy from US there. His name was Brian and he enjoyed the time in Kiev and our hostel so much, that he invited me to visit Miami one day, to thank me for the good time.

Maybe it was just a joke he made, but I took him for serious and started to look for an internship in Miami, because I would have to do one anyways, no matter where. I thought Miami would be unbelievable and probably the best and at the same time the craziest thing I would ever do.

Thanks Brian for this idea.

The internet makes it possible. Going through diverse job ads finally brought me to Dragonfly Expeditions and I liked their business approach of limiting negative impacts of tourism on communities and the environment.

After a one-hour telephone interview it turned out, that my future boss Uwe is from Baden-Baden, Germany – a city not very far from the place where I grew up. He moved to Florida many years ago and contributed to develop Dragonfly Expeditions. To both of our surprise we discovered, that my former class mate Jenny from university had met Uwe years ago, when she was in Miami to work as an Au Pair after high school. The world is very small.  I got the job, after a recommendation from Jenny.

– My tasks during my internship include: Marketing and business activities in the office
– Business development: I will have the chance to contribute developing a new tour
– And the probably best part: I am allowed to join several tours

Sounds like a dream job. Thank you for your recommendation Jenny! Maybe it would be not have been possible without you.Stilian action

My first week was a bit demanding but at the same time very important. There is a lot to read and to learn. And I don’t mean just a bit of reading, but reading and reading and reading. I need to gain a lot of knowledge about South Florida, the whole area including the climate and the topography as well as how the company works. I realized that this company creates something very special and I am extremely excited about learning certain marketing methods to enrich my personal knowledge.


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