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MareikeMy name is Mareike. I am the new intern at Dragonfly Expeditions and will be in Miami until February 2014. I grew up in Aachen, which is the westernmost city of Germany, located at the point where the country borders on Belgium and the Netherlands. The city has a long history and is known as the place where the German kings were crowned. There you also find one of the top universities in Germany, the RWTH Aachen University, where I am currently studying business administration. Before I started with my studies, I completed an apprenticeship in International Office Management, which combined the learning of business basics with extensive language training in English, French and Spanish.

I have always loved traveling and so I already visited many European countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Unfortunately, I never got out of Europe until last year, when I had the opportunity for the first time to visit the United States. My 2-week trip first led me to Kansas, where I wasn’t just a tourist, but had the chance to spend an unforgettable time with a great group of Americans. The second part of my trip brought me to New York, where I got to see the other side of the United States with its typical big city-atmosphere.

Since I was absolutely enchanted by the country and its culture, I decided that an internship here would be the perfect opportunity to get to know the country better and to gain a first insight into real working life at the same time. The first time I heard about Dragonfly Expeditions was through a friend of mine, who also applied to the company a year ago. Dragonfly Expeditions’ sustainable “sense of place” policy immediately appealed to me.

Aside from traveling I have a lot of other interests like swimming, spending my time outdoors with my dog, trying foods of different regions and cultures, meeting with friends and I am always open to experiencing new things. Also, I have been skiing since I was a child. What I like most about it is that it makes you forget all your problems for a while and gives you an unexplainable feeling of freedom.

I already had several side jobs, such as working in a sushi bar, a drugstore and in a sweets factory.  Since I only arrived a few days ago, I didn’t get to see much of Miami so far. As somebody told me, it’s a hustle and bustle-city, but I think it has a lot more to offer than only the beaches, parties and the warm climate. What I like most about it is the great mix of diversity that you can find here. There are so many different cultures blending together and a lot of interesting places to explore including South Florida’s colorful but often forgotten history. I am eager to learn more about the city and also about sustainable tourism.

I don’t really know yet what I will be doing upon my return to Germany, but I can definitely imagine working in the tourism field- maybe even abroad. I am sure interning for Dragonfly Expeditions will be an unforgettable experience and I am very excited about the time to come.


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  1. jim

    Welcome to Miami! You are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge, experience and love of place with Dragonfly Expeditions. After 30 years here I am still discovering South Florida! Best of luck!

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