Meet the Team – Intern Rodrigo

Hello everyone! I am proud to present myself as the new intern with Dragonfly Expeditions. My name is Rodrigo Carmona Lopez and I will work at Dragonfly Expeditions until the middle of August. Just like the conquerors of Florida, I am Spanish and live officially in Madrid. When I was a child, my two sisters would make fun of me by saying that I didn’t belong to the family because I was German and the rest of my family was Spanish … That was because I was born in Germany while my father was working in Düsseldorf as an economic & trade attaché. I spent the first four years of my life in Germany and then my family moved to Madrid. In Spain, my sisters and I studied at a German school to continue learning the language.

My parents have lived in different countries and they love to travel, which gave me the wonderful opportunity to visit lots of places. I traveled all around Europe and although every part of it is precious, if I should choose a favorite, it would be Italy. I have been to Italy several times and each time I always fall in love with the history, culture, and food.

One of my favorite trips was one to Mexico where I was totally amazed by the country’s unique history and natural beauty. I had an interesting experience when my work sent me to Qatar. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world; you cannot believe how limitless luxury can be.

Just like travelling, skiing is another passion of mine. Speeding down the huge white mountains makes me feel completely free. However, I didn’t have the chance to ski this year because I spent most of the winter sunbathing in Miami instead of freezing on the mountains!

I apologize to all my Americans readers, but as a good European I am not very interested in American football, baseball, or basketball. I am proud to support the best soccer team in the world – of course the one you would expect – Real Madrid.

I’ve always had clear ideas for my future. Since I was young, I knew that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. This is why I studied Business Management at Carlos III University. During my studies, I had the opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student in Dortmund, Germany for five months. It was an unforgettable experience which I enjoyed a lot. I also studied for a couple of months in Istanbul, Turkey. It is an amazing country with a big cultural and ideological mixture – where East meets West physically and culturally and with so many contrasts that always surprise you.

My prior professional experience is not related to tourism. I had a short internship at the marketing department of a software development company and for the last year I have been working with my father on consulting and business intermediation issues. However, when I saw the job posting of Dragonfly Expeditions on the internet, I got really excited and wanted to get that intern position they offered. After I met Uwe and Charles personally and they explained the philosophy and philanthropic attitude of their company to me, my interest has grown even more.

While writing this I am sitting at the airport waiting for the flight that will take me to Miami. I can’t wait to start working and living in Miami. It seems like this will be a nice experience!!!


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