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If I had to describe Jhon Garcia in one word, that word would be “worldly.” Jhon is Colombian and grew up in the Andes Mountains, thousands of feet above sea level and far from any ocean. But instead of on ancient sediments, his current home now sits on the sandy soil of South Florida. After living in Bogotá, Columbia where he worked in the ecotourism industry, Jhon originally moved to Florida to study anthropology, a science that allows him to combine his many passions, at FIU. He also studied art and music in a local conservatory, the New World School of the Arts. Jhon plays two Andean instruments, a type of flute called a quena and a small guitar made from an armadillo shell called a charango. In 2011 he produced his own album with a few local musicians. After living in the US for many years, Jhon feels that most artistic forms of the western hemisphere resonate within him.

Jhon calls himself a “renaissance type of person” – he has a rich heritage, speaking two European languages and practicing an indigenous religion. He attends a Native American Church, which is where he met his Miami-born wife. She grew up on a boat around the bay – the couple shares a passion for exploration, nature, and the church’s value system.

When asked what he loves most about the Sunshine State, Jhon told me “there is no other place like it” and that he wants others to know he has developed a “profound relationship with South Florida.” Jhon’s passion for Florida makes him a great guide. The desire to share his Florida experiences with others is what originally drew him to Dragonfly Expeditions. Jhon commented that working with us has been excitable, healing, and unique. His favorite tour to lead, he told me with a smile, is “the next tour on my calendar.”

The two events in his life that define who he is as a person, he shared with me, are “migrating from South America at age 15 and becoming a father at age 29.” During his rare moments of free time, he enjoys exploring South Florida, sightseeing, and spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter (she’s almost a year and one half). He also volunteers at Everglades National Park and resides with his family on Biscayne Bay in southeastern Miami Dade County. His love and value of knowledge have recently resulted in a BFA; Jhon currently has plans to pursue a doctorate and eventually a PhD.


One thought on “Meet the Team – Guide Jhon

  1. Jim Martin

    Truly you can see Jhon’s love of this environment and the stories, that are present and hidden, in his eyes. A great addition to Dragonfly and to any tour he leads or accompanies.

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