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With the beginning of each new year, we often set our minds on how to make this year better than the last. Maybe we promise ourselves to exercise more, spend more time with our family, give up a bad habit or create a new and healthier habit.  This post presents a surefire way to satisfy a number of these resolutions!  Some of you may wonder what this has to do with the tours we provide…nothing!  But it is a perfect example of the sustainability we strive for in our day-to-day lives. Read on to find out how you can turn your 2013 resolution into a reality.

In an attempt to benefit my health and the farming community, I joined Annie’s Organic Buying Club. Annie’s is an organization that provides me with tasty and appealing organic fruits and vegetables any week I want them!  Now to set the record straight, I don’t work for Annie’s or get a reward for promoting them – although I wouldn’t turn down an extra head of bok choy! I’m telling you about this company simply because I believe in what they do so much that I mention it every chance I get…hence this blog post.

While I prefer to stay out of politics, I do suggest that you purchase organically-grown food. I believe it is the healthiest option for the body and the environment (for more info, read GMOs and heirloom or watch movies like Food Inc.). Eating organic food just makes sense! Most importantly, it tastes better.  I am not so picky (or wealthy) that I only consume organic food, but when I take a bite of an organic banana I can surely tell the difference between it and a conventional (non-organic) one!

For years, the high price of organic foods presented me with a barrier. By participating in Annie’s Organic Buying Club, it’s actually cheaper for me to buy organic fruits and veggies than for me to buy conventional items from the grocery store. Although I am not opposed to spending a little more money to promote the cause and enjoy the taste, a cheaper option for me was a no-brainer.

Annie’s is able to offer organic foods at low prices because they buy in bulk. The company is also convenient – I can pick up my food on my way home from work. There are numerous locations, and even though the locations occasionally change, the distributors are so friendly and accommodating that I have never had to drive far. Convenience is of the utmost important to me, especially during our busy season. In addition, knowing that I have fresh food waiting for me in the fridge helps me keep a healthy diet and deters me from eating out.

The final reason I love this company so much is that it has inspired my inner chef. I have always enjoyed cooking. Now I have the perfect ingredients – and the perfect excuse – to create unique and tasty meals. After all, they say that a diet is won in the grocery store. I like to take that saying one step further and win it with a quick stop on my drive home!

A few more details about Annie’s Organic Buying Club:

Customers pay and confirm orders one week prior to delivery. Orders can be changed every week. If you don’t want a package every week, you can opt for the once-a-month plan. Annie’s has various options that allow you to choose what foods suit your needs and tastes. Whenever possible, packages include local foods; if local foods aren’t available, Annie’s buys from other regions. If you are especially interested in buying local fruits and vegetables, check out some of South Florida’s Farmers Markets or co-ops. For me, the convenience and low price makes up for the fact that not all the foods are local.

I can tell that the people at Annie’s are foodies because a few recipes are nestled inside my package each week. With these meal suggestions, I find that I am better able to make use of rare vegetables such as dinosaur egg pluots – the veggies taste great raw, too. Click here to check out two of my favorite recipes: Chicken with Fresh Figs and Wine Sauce & Plum Upside-Down Cake – and good luck with your own New Year’s resolutions!


2 thoughts on “Annie’s Organic Buying Club

  1. Michelle

    Megan, I also started with Annie’s buying club this year! I get the half share every two weeks with two cartons of eggs. So far, so good and it makes me cook frequently. I also like the fact that you can request special fruits and veggies for your next order. Great topic!

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